Silk & Denim

Good afternoon friends! It has been a busy couple weeks with tests and term papers, but I finally got some time to blog!

*Sorry about the photo sizing.. I don’t know what is happening!

This is one of my outfits I keep ready to wear or pack for a trip home! I have a serious obsession with the silk patterned top paired with a pair of ripped jeans.







Keep your winter wardrobe fun with pattern! It is easy to sink into the same routine of sweaters or solids in the colder months, but don’t fall into the trap! It’s easy to stay fresh and vibrant with a splash of color, especially when the skies are gray and foggy.

I cannot live without my black jeans. They are perfect of any occasion, look great with my green suede boots (coming soon)! As odd as it may seem, I have fallen back in love with Abercrombie and Fitch jeans; they just fit so well (and tend to be 50% off most the time).

Black Friday- I’m coming for ya!

Kate Davis Photo

The top and clutch are from UAL. Similar ones can be found here: Top|Clutch|Jeans|Sunglasses

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you do you, rach