World’s Best

I have been fortunate enough to see this beautiful globe. If you are not amazed at what is surrounding you, I pity you because this world is breathtaking. From the view of Music City that holds my heart (Love Circle, for you natives or my guests) to the streets of Santorini, Greece, the world is full of wonders. There isn’t even a world to describe how enchanting this planet is. When times get hard, you have to see the world for its exquisiteness. Always take a minute to look at something like it is the first time. That is when you see the world for what it is worth (I must give a shout out to Tolle).

I stumbled upon a brand last year right before our first date party (lol to all of you who were at my house), Show Me Your MuMu. As a short gal, I appreciate a brand that I do not have to take to my alterations lady. The ease and simplicity of their designs make it my go-to for almost any occasion. When I saw this map dress, I think my heart might have skipped a beat. It is flawless.

kate_davis_rachel_blog_8_13_15_0158I have worn it to date parties, to dinner with my family, and to my home away from home… Tin Roof. When in doubt, I put this little number on. Speaking of which… I am heading back to Nashville this week, packing while writing, and am going to grab this… Just in case!

kate_davis_rachel_blog_8_13_15_0181I wear a different necklace every time I wear this dress, so I went with my Bauble Bar amethyst necklace!


I am obsessed with the movement of this dress. It just inspires fun. That is what MuMu’s brand is all about. The dresses encourage you to go out, express yourself, and be who you are.






“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”- Roald Dahl

Thanks Kate Davis Photography for pictures!

Shameless Plug… Follow the blogs Instagram for what I wear day-to-day and sneak peaks! @responsiblyirresponsiblelife

This dress is simple and timeless and EASY! It doesn’t even wrinkle… This drink is easy and timeless as well! If you have ever been out with me, you know that my drink order RARELY changes.

“Vodka soda with lemon, not lime.”

1 Part vodka

2 Parts soda water

Lemon slices

Most places make them with limes now a days because so many other drinks use limes, but traditional vodka sodas are supposed to be made with lemon. Maybe I am just too classic for my own good 😉

Having traveled as much as I have, Nashville will forever and always be my heart and soul and my favorite city on the face of the earth. It is bands like Steelism that makes me love Nashville so much. Where else in the world does a pair from two different continents come together to make some funky, new music. While I love to sing a long every chance I get, this duo’s music is out of this world. I consider myself very blessed to live in a city that allows music like this to thrive. Take time to try a new genre or something that you have never head, you might just surprise yourself.

^Also, they look very my style.

you do you, rach


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