Times are a Changin’

It has been the thick of the semester with midterms, papers, and working on a Teach For America application. The blog has taken a back seat, because school happens to fall higher on the list of important things to do… for logical reasons.

I say this to let my readers know that I am going to be changing the format of the blog. While I still love good drinks, great music, and clothing, I am going to be cutting down to one per post! That way it doesn’t take y’all too long to read it and not as long to write for me.

So let’s see how it goes! kate_davis_godfrey_9_5_15_0007







Kate Davis Photography

Lovin’ what you see? Jeans//Top (Good Alternative)//Shoes// Updated Bag//Watch

Boyfriend pants are one of the best things to happen. I seriously love these. When wearing boyfriend jeans, I always like to pair it with a feminine top like this cropped peplum. It’s perfect for a fall day spend at the mall or in the park or out with friends. Wedges just made me normal height, so why not throw them on. These Cole Haan ones are always a go-to. They are so comfortable and not too tall.

The bag, the real star of this post, was a surprise gift from my parents my sophomore year of college. It has a tendency to a disappearing act every now and then, but it always comes back. I’m glad about that because I ADORE it. Kate Spade kills it with the wit. It’s my kind of humor… and my kind of arm candy.

I leave you with a taste of my everyday arm candy. If I don’t have these three on… something is wrong (or I’m in water).

kate_davis_godfrey_9_5_15_0024I hope you like the new format, and I’ll get better about posting…

you do you, rach


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