On Repeat…

I decided I wanted to do a music post today. Spring time just puts me in the mood to roll down the windows and turn the music up. Here are my top 5 songs this week:

  1. As a long time lover of Ray LaMontagne, his newest album didn’t disappoint. “Hey- No Pressure” is an instant classic in my book and a staple on any spring playlist.

“Anything you want your life to mean it can mean.”

2. Found on a random suggested Spotify playlist, “Spirits” will be playing through my speakers well into summer.

“I’ll be a dreamer ’til the day I die
But they say oh, how the good die young”

3. My boy Anderson East always gives me groovy music and “Devil In Me” is no exception. Obsession might be a strong word, but it accurately describes how I feel about this song.

“And she could be an angel, Lord, cause she’s bringing out the devil in me”

4. This song goes out to everyone college senior or super senior I know. Really “2AM” works for anyone who knows “nothing good happens past 2 AM.”

“Yeah we’re getting older
Staying in at home
It’s good enough for both us”

5. Last but not least, a local Nashville band for listening pleasure, Safe in Blue. “Song I Believe In” is the perfect song to go on a long spring drive with no particular destination in mind.

“Oh there’s a fight I can’t stop, Between myself and the clock

Honorable Mention goes to: You Are My Sunshine and Mess Around

I hope you enjoy all these songs, I sure am. They can all be found on Spotify. Let me know any of your song suggestions! I love finding new music and hopefully you just found some new tunes too!

you do you, rach




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