About Me


I am a southern girl that loves the South and the laid-back lifestyle it encourages. Nashville has always been my home, even if I move, Nashville will always be my heart and soul.

I love all things 60s and 70s from music to style to the general vibes that the eras radiate. I think we could all agree it would never hurt to bring the words groovy and rad back. Jim Morrison is a large source of my inspiration (sans drugs). His poetry shows his an artistic side that I believe has been lost in the music world today. Do yourself a favor and look some of it up.

My style can change at the drop of a hat, and what I wear reflects what I am feeling that day. I can walk out the door in head to toe Lilly Pulitzer on Monday and a Show Me Your Mumu dress on Tuesday. I like my style to reflect my personality. It is the easiest way to tell a story without having to say a single word. Trust me on that one… I did two papers on how much t-shirts say about a person and society. Ask me about sometime.

I am a music lover with a passion for finding new music. Living in Nashville all my life made me realize the importance of music and the power it holds. A good song can change the whole day. You just have to give it a chance.

Maybe I am a foodie, but I don’t really know what all that word entails… I do love to cook and bake and if I do say so myself (and my friends because they have to) I am pretty good at both. I’ll make sure to keep you in the loop with good recipes and yummy treats.

Cheers to all the good drinks I’ve had and yet to have consumed and the adventures after them.

Life is too short to not have fun. I get a lot of my confidence from just being who I am. I do what makes me happy because that is the only way to get through life. I am reminded of the quote, “everything will be okay in the end and if not, then it isn’t the end.”

Kick back, relax, and crack a beer; you get one chance at life so make it the best possible story you could tell.

you do you, rach


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