Except When It’s 90 Degrees…

I thought that summer was over, but I just can’t bring myself to sweater weather just yet. At least in Tennessee, we get the occasional 1,000 degree day in September. This year was/is no exception. Summer is by far my favorite season, and my clothing collection for the other seasons drastically lacks compared to summer.

Lucky for me, we had a weekend right out of summer in Nashville. I got to break out this Elsa Fine romper, because it was HOT. When I pack to go home, I always bring a wide collection of things because I never know if I will be having a heat stroke or freezing.

kate_davis_godfrey_9_5_15_0114This romper is noting short of fantastic. As a girl who loves color and pattern, I couldn’t ask for more. It’ll be a staple when spring rolls around.



The unique neckline is one of my favorite parts about this number.



I have had these Target wedges for a while, and they ended up being the perfect match. This is why I never get rid of anything… You never know when it will come in handy!



This collection of 3 is my new arm party. It goes with me everyday. It’s simple and timeless.


It breaks my heart that I’m having to pack up my summer dresses and tops, but bring on the layers and the sweaters.

“Cause a little bit of summer makes a lot of history…”

Kate Davis Photography

Find the romper here! Hurry, before they sell out!

A new drink for you to try… I had my first Bee’s Knees at Urban Grub in Nashville, and it was such a  tasty drink. Urban Grub’s was made with lavender infused gin. That made the drink for me. It smelled like heaven and tasted even better. This recipe from Food & Wine uses plain gin, but if you are feeling extra bold, why not try making some of your own infusions! I’m thinking about trying it soon!

  • Ice
  • 2 ounces gin
  • 3/4 ounce fresh lemon juice
  • 3/4 ounce honey syrup (1 tablespoon honey mixed with 1/2 tablespoon warm water)

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add the gin, lemon juice and honey syrup; shake well. Strain into a chilled coupe.

Easy and delicious! The perfect way to end the summer season.

I am currently so excited about Pilgrimage Festival, so all my songs this week are going to be off of their lineup and who I am most excited to see! I found Saint Motel this summer and once I heard one song, I made everyone ever listen to it. My Type ended up being an anthem to my summer. It is just so fun and makes you wanna move. The words also make me chuckle. “You’re just my type. You got a pulse and you are breathing.” Oh okay, Saint Motel. I don’t hate it, kinda like your style there. My favorite song by them is Cold Cold Man. The piano in the start just gets me every time. Also, these are great songs to play in the morning as you’re getting ready for class. They have a tendency to put me in a good mood, and I’m sure they would do the same for you.

Let’s talk about how beautiful that album art is… Ah, if you couldn’t tell I’m in love and can’t wait to see them live.

you do you, rach


Summer, Come Back Anytime

Summer is has ended, and as the temperature starts to fall, I am constantly reminded of what a good summer I had. Being at home in Nashville, working an amazing internship, and making some fantastic new friends while getting even closer with the old defines the perfect summer. Hey, even starting this blog was a highlight of the past few months. Now, school has reached test week one, and most nights are consumed by reading and more reading. Before I realize it though, summer will be here yet again with even more (and better) adventures.

The end of summer, to me, means the end of Lilly Pulitzer season. It breaks my heart just a little because my go-to summer attire was a Lilly skirt and white tank. It looked great and made me feel like I was the essence of summertime fun. But let’s be honest, it just makes me more excited for the collections in the spring and filling my skirt drawer with more bold patterns and exciting colors.

kate_davis_rachel_blog_8_13_15_0089Lilly had some shorter hemlines this summer which some people were not happy about, but I was overjoyed to say the least. One less trip to Alterations.


I love the print on this skirt. Lilly knocked it out of the park.



Wore this exact outfit (with a necklace) on a first date this summer. It must of worked because there were more after that. Thanks Lilly 😉


“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.
And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.”

Albert Camus

This drink recipe is one that I had this past weekend at South, while tailgating (read: drinking with friends) for the UT game. It is so summer and so southern it almost hurts.

Huckleberry Sweet Tea

One part huckleberry Moonshine (Ole Smoky brand)

Two parts Sweet Tea

A lemon wedge

This drink is as sweet as it is cute. You need to give it a try, especially on days when you are missing summer the most.

Because this weekend going to be my last taste of summer for the season, it is only fitting that I share a song of someone I am seeing tonight at Live On The Green. Anderson East is quickly becoming one of my new favorites. He is on that playlist I mentioned, The New Retro. I am beyond to see him tonight. This song sums up what I feel about summer. I just need summer to stay forever.

you do you, rach

World’s Best

I have been fortunate enough to see this beautiful globe. If you are not amazed at what is surrounding you, I pity you because this world is breathtaking. From the view of Music City that holds my heart (Love Circle, for you natives or my guests) to the streets of Santorini, Greece, the world is full of wonders. There isn’t even a world to describe how enchanting this planet is. When times get hard, you have to see the world for its exquisiteness. Always take a minute to look at something like it is the first time. That is when you see the world for what it is worth (I must give a shout out to Tolle).

I stumbled upon a brand last year right before our first date party (lol to all of you who were at my house), Show Me Your MuMu. As a short gal, I appreciate a brand that I do not have to take to my alterations lady. The ease and simplicity of their designs make it my go-to for almost any occasion. When I saw this map dress, I think my heart might have skipped a beat. It is flawless.

kate_davis_rachel_blog_8_13_15_0158I have worn it to date parties, to dinner with my family, and to my home away from home… Tin Roof. When in doubt, I put this little number on. Speaking of which… I am heading back to Nashville this week, packing while writing, and am going to grab this… Just in case!

kate_davis_rachel_blog_8_13_15_0181I wear a different necklace every time I wear this dress, so I went with my Bauble Bar amethyst necklace!


I am obsessed with the movement of this dress. It just inspires fun. That is what MuMu’s brand is all about. The dresses encourage you to go out, express yourself, and be who you are.






“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”- Roald Dahl

Thanks Kate Davis Photography for pictures!

Shameless Plug… Follow the blogs Instagram for what I wear day-to-day and sneak peaks! @responsiblyirresponsiblelife

This dress is simple and timeless and EASY! It doesn’t even wrinkle… This drink is easy and timeless as well! If you have ever been out with me, you know that my drink order RARELY changes.

“Vodka soda with lemon, not lime.”

1 Part vodka

2 Parts soda water

Lemon slices

Most places make them with limes now a days because so many other drinks use limes, but traditional vodka sodas are supposed to be made with lemon. Maybe I am just too classic for my own good 😉

Having traveled as much as I have, Nashville will forever and always be my heart and soul and my favorite city on the face of the earth. It is bands like Steelism that makes me love Nashville so much. Where else in the world does a pair from two different continents come together to make some funky, new music. While I love to sing a long every chance I get, this duo’s music is out of this world. I consider myself very blessed to live in a city that allows music like this to thrive. Take time to try a new genre or something that you have never head, you might just surprise yourself.

^Also, they look very my style.

you do you, rach

The Yin to my Yang

Life is better with friends, I think everyone can agree on that. Luckily I have a friend like Mackenzie in my life and I don’t think I could survive without her. Having knowing her since 9th grade, we have our fair share of memories between us… even if we don’t remember them all. She never fails to make my bad days better and keep my ridiculousness in check. We have a tendency to be more opposite than alike, but I believe that is what makes our friendship so special… and she is way cooler than I could ever be…

When it comes to style, it is safe to say that we are on pretty opposite ends. I love wearing light colors and patterns, but Mackenzie could be content in only wearing black for the rest of her life. It always makes for a good time when helping each other get ready because I rarely wear black, but black is her color for every occasion.


“For me [Mackenzie], black is more than just something that is easy to wear and easy to match. Black is about being bold yet mysterious, and feeling confident in any situation. It makes me feel hot and sophisticated at the same time.”

kate_davis_rachel_blog_8_13_15_0019“Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy-but mysterious. But above all blacks says this: ‘I don’t bother you- you don’t bother me.” -Yohji Yamamoto

kate_davis_rachel_blog_8_13_15_0026“Not everyone looks good in every color, but everyone looks good in black. It works at any age, because black is the essence of timelessness. Think about Chanel and other major fashion houses. You have always seen black from them.”



While white is timeless as well, it is a different kind of timeless. Invoking thoughts about summer nights filled with laughter and parties and beach music. There is something so understated when wearing white on white. It is a way to make a statement without having to say anything at all.


White on white is all about confidence. I feel like I am breaking all sorts of fashion rules when I pair it together, but that is also what makes it badass. It says, “I don’t care about the rules; I do what I want” which is what style is all about. Be who you are and tell that story with what you wear.


One of the most important things about wearing the same color, for me, is textures! The best way to break up the white is to add texture. The details will make the white pop even more.

kate_davis_rachel_blog_8_13_15_0034I’m obsessed with the eyelet in this Madewell top.


I like adding a little bit of color with a bracelet or necklace.

Mackenzie and I “agree on certain fundamental things…  who is cool and who is not… that chicks come before dicks” (quote from Nick McDonell’s Twelve, go read it) and that no matter what you wear, you should feel sexy and confident and walk into the room like you own it.

kate_davis_rachel_blog_8_13_15_0044kate_davis_rachel_blog_8_13_15_0041Thanks for being my best friend.

“Life is never black and white. The closest we ever get to those colors is wearing them.”

Photos by Kate Davis Photography

If you know Mackenzie or me, you know we are two fun-loving people. We have some honest to goodness unbelievable stories (shout-out to that summer and everyone who made it great). She is my go-to person when I need someone to take on the town or to watch a sporting event (read: SEC football). To say that we are a good time is an understatement. To that, here is one of our personal favorites to start a night full of hazy memories…


That’s all you need.

Maybe a Dr. Pepper for a mixer, but really all you need is some good ol’ Fireball.

Mac and I now bond over good music and a passion for oldies. I prefer the folk side of the 60s & 70s, but she is all about the classic rock. We text each other all the time about new old songs that we have recently fallen in love with. I can always expect it to be something good. This song choice is from Mackenzie and is a great choice. The Cadillac Three is a southern rock band out of Nashville that is fantastic. Their music just sounds like the South.

you do you, rach

The Right Time for Elsa Fine

I have some pretty amazing people in my life that do some pretty amazing things. I am always inspired by people who take initiative to follow their dreams. When you know that you were born to be great, making it happen is one of the most beautiful things a person can do.

This brings me to Jordan Dollard. She is the big sister I never had, one of my truest friends, and a role model beyond words. Jordan followed her dreams and turned them into a reality with her online boutique, Elsa Fine. Jordan’s passion for her company is unrivaled by anyone I have ever met. She does what she loves, and it is easy to see. For these reasons, I am happy to say that this post is sponsored by Elsa Fine. I was over the moon when Jordan asked if I would want to be a part of something like this. Anything to help her succeed… How on earth could I say no? Not to mention the outfit is killer.

kate_davis_rachel_blog_8_13_15_0050I mean, this dress… It is perfect for this time of year when I get stuck in between dressing for fall but still trying to hold on to the end of summer. I would not hesitate to wear it with a sweater on cool fall nights, but I can rock it without one right now. kate_davis_rachel_blog_8_13_15_0075Bonus points because it has pockets! I don’t think it gets any better… until you see the details.


That print! The fringe! To die for. It is the attention to the details, like trim and patterns, that make Jordan a style expert in my mind.


A cute pink lipstick was the perfect match to this dress.




I was born with the ability to walk in wedges like a pro (I think it is because I am so short, God just wanted to lend a helping hand), but sometimes my feet need a break. These shoes are absolutely perfect because they still give me a little height. These work very well for girls who think they are too tall for wedges too. They match everything and every style.


They do run a little big, so make sure to size down! I wear a 6.5 usually, and these are a 6 but still a little big. You should go get yourself some of these fall staples, they are on sale too!


I paired it with my Orange Tory Burch Amanda Crossbody and J.Crew sunnies.


The cool thing about Elsa Fine is they even throw parties (in the Charlotte area)! Who doesn’t love a party with good clothing. They come to you with champagne toasts, discount codes and shopping in your own home with your best friends. I don’t think it gets better than that. Email Jordan (jordan@elsafine.com) with more details and questions!

Now go spend all your money at Elsa Fine!

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the know!

“People are the prettiest when they talk about something they really love with passion in their eyes.”

I figured the best drink to pair with this outfit is Jordan’s favorite! A French 75! I personally haven’t ever had one, but after reading what is in them, I may of just found my new favorite too.


  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 ounce gin or Cognac
  • ½ ounce fresh lemon juice
  • 2 ounces Champagne
  • Lemon twist


  1. Make simple syrup: In a saucepan over low heat, warm sugar in 1 cup water until dissolved. Cool to room temperature before using. (There will be extra syrup; refrigerate if not using immediately.)
  2. In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, shake gin or Cognac, lemon juice and 1/2 ounce simple syrup.
  3. Strain into chilled flute or cocktail coupe. Top with Champagne. Garnish with lemon twist.

 Recipe borrowed from the New York Times.

My partner in my search of good food and every thing Nashville this summer (who has excellent taste in music) showed me a new Spotify playlist called “The New Retro” and it is all I have been listening to lately. If you know me, you know that I mean all like nothing else… The next few posts will all be songs from that playlist, so go look it up!

The playlist is all new music that sounds like it’s from a different era. This is the kind of music that makes you wanna dance with dashing boy and sing-a-long. An artist that is on there with a couple songs is Leon Bridges. The guy is outstanding. I haven’t heard a song I didn’t like by him. He grew up in Texas and was a gospel singer who was heavily influenced by his mother’s musical styling. Thank goodness for moms, am I right?  After looking at his concert dates, I have a very strong feeling that I will be seeing him this fall… I think I just have to… Here is his song Coming Home, enjoy!

While you are at it, listen to this one too.

you do you, rach

A Year of Lasts

Yesterday was my last first day of my undergrad span at Appalachian (except spring semester which isn’t a first day because school has been happening already). It was a bittersweet feeling knowing that this season of life is slowly ending, but it is hopeful and joyous because I have the world waiting for me. Classes will be manageable and fun, but the best part is… I have a friend or two in almost every one of my classes. Oh the joys of being a senior.

Being a communications major I get to take some pretty awesome classes, one of which being interpersonal communication. I learned things in that class that I will take with me forever. Small bits of information like how to communicate with cultures that are the opposite of the American way of life, how men and women communicate differently and the importance of a first impression.

With a new round of teachers and students in my classes, the first day is always the day to dress to impress. If I don’t look nice any other day, at least their first impression of me was that I was dressed well and on time. For my first day of class look, I went with a skirt made by one of my sweet sisters, Meredith White, and a bright yellow polo.

kate_davis_rachel_blog_8_13_15_0122This skirt, y’all. Meredith stated Nineteenth Avenue Designs this summer with the help of her mother. I saw the first skirt she made and knew I had to have it. I also wore this on our busiest night at the Farmers’ Market because this is the perfect skirt for all your running around needs. It isn’t too short or tight, but still makes me feel like the sassiest person in the room! She custom makes them for each person after you send your measurements. To say I am obsessed is an understatement.

kate_davis_rachel_blog_8_13_15_0129kate_davis_rachel_blog_8_13_15_0127This skirt deserves more than a white tank, so I found this yellow gem and couldn’t resist the duo.

kate_davis_rachel_blog_8_13_15_0120kate_davis_rachel_blog_8_13_15_0140And these new J. Crew sunglasses… I will be trying extra hard to not lose these.



“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Always make sure to put your best foot forward.

Thanks for the ballin’ pictures Kate Davis Photography

Now, email Meredith (nineteenthavenuedesigns@gmail.com) and get yourself a very cute skirt in a pattern of your liking. You’ll never want to take it off, I promise.

After a long last first day of school, I sat down with some of my best friends, made some dinner and sipped on some wine. The perfect ending to any day really… But what I really wanted to drink was a margarita (because we made Mexican).

For one drink
1 1/2 oz. tequila (100% agave a must, preferably a “reposado”)
1 1/2 oz. triple sec or Cointreau
1 to 1 1/4 oz. of lime juice
Salt for the rim of the glass

Shake all the ingredients with cracked ice in a cocktail shaker until the exterior frosts. Strain into a glass over rocks, or “up” into a cocktail glass. A slice of lime as a garnish, while not strictly necessary, is a civilized touch.

Stolen from Bon Appetit

I have loved this song and Greg Holden ever since I heard him on Lightning 100 this past spring. Lucky for me, I will get to see him for free this fall at Live on the Green. This is the perfect song for this final school year because I want to savor every last moment. I hope you enjoy singing along to this song as much as me.

you do you, rach

Childlike Wonder

Moving, moving, moving is all I have been doing these past two weeks. Maybe a little shopping for the new place, but mostly getting ready to head right back up the mountain for my senior year. Having to put my clothing in two different states is cramping my style a little bit, but there is an easy solution to this problem… A dress!

When I don’t want to face the task of choosing a whole outfit, I always put a dress on because it’s one piece and not a lot of thought. I got this dress as a going away gift from my aunt. I will let you in on a little secret. It is from CrewCuts. I always hated being short and small, especially when I was little, but now I love it! I can get this adorable dress for a fourth of the price. Keeping my style playful is very important to me and sometimes that means sneaking into parts of the store that aren’t exactly for me. Thanks Mom for the good genes.


These shoes take this dress from sweet and adorable to fun and funky. I’m in love with these shoes and this brand. Kork-Ease is known for introducing the wedge to the American fashion industry in the 1970s. They win everything in my book. I don’t know where I would be without wedges… maybe a few less nights with sore feet. These wedges are BAE in the realist way. I wore them to a party one night and another girl had them on. A pal said, “Don’t worry. They look better on you.” From that moment on, I decided these shoes and I would never part.

kate_davis_godfrey_blog_7_9_15_0139(P.S. I made that bracelet)


I have been a lover of the tassel trend since it started. I think I just enjoy the flair it adds to any basic outfit.





I am a huge fan of a ponytail in most any situation. It’s the quickest way to beat the summer heat.




Photos courtesy of the fabulous Kate Davis Photo!

“Above all watch the world with glittering eyes, the whole world around you. Because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

-Roald Dahl

Outfit Look-a-Likes: Dress|Shoes| Sunnies

It is so important to always look for the fun and joy in situations. When you take this approach to life it gets a lot easier.

My new drink, y’all. My father and I went to see the Counting Crows VIP style which meant an open bar and good food. It was at the new amphitheater in Nashville and Pickers Vodka was the sponsoring vodka. They made 3 flavors, red, white, and blue (I love it). Blood orange, plain, and blueberry! All of which were amazing! While Pickers is only available in Middle Tennessee right now, they are expanding!

For this drink you need:

Pickers Blueberry Vodka (or other blueberry vodka)


That’s it! I fill a glass with ice, pour in however much vodka I am feeling at the moment, and fill the rest with lemonade. It is a perfect drink to share with Mom and Dad and also your best pals. I will be getting some to take back to school with me, don’t worry.

Today’s song is brought to you by one of my Top 10 bands of all time ever (like the list that will never change). The Wood Brothers! If you have never listened to them, you are doing yourself a HUGE disservice. I got the chance to see these guys live in September and it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. It is a group of actual brothers that love playing music and are damn good at it. At the concert, they brought out an old mic and just played in a circle together. I got chills, it’s casual. I want to post every song they have, but I am going to have some self-control and let you guys look them up (Honey Jar, Lovin’ Arms, Wastin’ My Mind….)

This song really means a lot to me. It reminds me of my grandfather who passed away in September, and whenever I hear this song, I just think of him especially the last verse. I knew how proud he was of me and how happy I was to be blessed with such an amazing influence in my life.

you do you, rach

On The Move

It’s been a while, but I have a valid excuse! I am moving back to school and have been insanely busy with packing and decor related tasks.

When running errands keeps you too busy to look cute, jean shorts come in handy. They are an easy way to look put together when you are on the go trying to collect yourself. My favorite pair is some J. Crew boyfriend jeans that I cut off myself. I have had these since high school and plan on never parting with them. We’re in a pretty serious relationship. kate_davis_godfrey_blog_7_9_15_0169I have a love affair with button downs… Especially if they are plaid. This one used to be my mom’s from the 90s which she so sweetly gave to me (read: I took out of her closet.) When you know that you have a lot going on, comfort and ease is number one!


kate_davis_godfrey_blog_7_9_15_0175Moving is so stressful, and I never ever want to do it. I am looking forward to a new year and a very fun year. I have road trips and concerts planned in between all the football the South has to offer. Starting a new school year is such an exciting time, especially when graduation is at the end. To be completely honest… My favorite part about a new school year is that I get to decorate a new room and house. The designer in me comes out in full swing and the ideas never stop.


These purple bad boys are my favorite! I got  them on super sale for $8 at UAL. I am not the biggest fan of sandals for some odd reason, so these with the open toes were a match made in loafer heaven.


Keeping my hair out of my face is always a struggle. I can’t stand when it is in the way, but I saw a couple of girls doing a half up half down top knot and had to try it. It is now my go to style when I just want my hair out-of-the-way.



Looking cute, comfortable, and staying cool is an uphill battle, but when you have some classics in your closet it will all be okay.

Photos provided by the lovely Kate Davis Photography

I am not going to post links to the outfit this time because these clothes have been around for a while, and I bet that most of you already have an outfit like this in your closet.

Expect a fun DIY next week as I get the finishing touches on my new home together!

The best way to cool down after a long day of moving is with an ice cold beer. I encourage you to try something new and summer-y because they are leaving the shelves way to soon! Samuel Adams Summer Ale has been one of my favorites this year, along with Stealin’ Time by Magic Hat!

Having upbeat music is crucial to keep you going on long days. A band that I saw at Hangout Music Festival this year was MisterWives, and y’all. They are fantastic. Her voice is so unique, and they just know how to make you want to groove. They are big believers in equality and even have songs about it which is pretty awesome. Enjoy “Our Own House” just like I will enjoy my new house starting Tuesday!

you do you, rach

ProFRESHional for the Market

I had the privilege of being a summer intern with Nashville Farmers’ Market this summer working on skills in marketing, graphic design, and general market management and customer service. As my last few days approach, I have started to realize how much I learned about what my future will and will not look like. It has been an extremely successful learning experience that will stick with me forever.

Working in a laid-back environment made getting dressed for work a blast… and me a little late most days. The days leading up to when I started, I collected clothes using I could wear it to work as a very valid excuse.

The first time I worked at our night market, which is when the market stays open till 9 with live music and great food and a festive theme, I decided I was going to wear a new outfit that I picked up this summer. Thank you J. Crew for making getting dressed in the morning easy.


While most days wedges were not ideal for walking the market about 700 times within 8 hours, I knew that I would be interacting with a lot of vendors and visitors and wanted to put my best foot forward (pun intended). These orange wedges were a birthday gift, and are most likely some of the most expensive shoes I own. They are See by Chloe, and they are my favorite. I try to find any excuse to wear my orange wedges.

Something that I quickly realized as I started working 30 hours a week is that a bag that can hold anything and everything. This Kate Spade bag can hold my planner, MacBook, and a notebook or two! The color is great too. I am a huge fan of having your bag be a pop of color!




The skirt and top are both from J. Crew and are both on sale right now! I have this skirt in two colors and am obsessed. I tried to get it in a third, but my parents thought that it was excessive. What do they know about fashion anyways…

The necklace is from Target and I got it on my way to work that morning… One of the best reasons to be late in my opinion. *Not that you should be late for work. I got to enjoy a very casual work environment, most people aren’t as lucky.




kate_davis_godfrey_blog_7_9_15_0070It will be sad not getting to go to the Market five days a week, but I am thankful for the relationships I have built and the knowledge I have gained. NFM, you made my summer an adventure.

Now all of you need to make a trip to the ever-changing market that cannot be great without the support of the community.

As always, shout out to my favorite Kate Davis Photography for perfect pictures!

The Look: Skirt (Black) |Top|Necklace|Similar Shoes|Similar Bag|Same ol’ Sunnies

The drink to go with this…. A nice, chilled glass of Charles & Charles Rosé. It is my favorite wine and the perfect way to relax after a long day. The label really appeals to the designer in me, and may or may not have been why I chose it the first time.

CC-V2012 Rose Back Label Mechanical

“Yes, you can drink Rosé and still be a badass.”

For musical styling, I am keeping with a very Farmers’ Market vibe and posting a song by one of our high school interns. Lagnajita Mukhopadhyay is a senior at Hume-Fogg here in Nashville and is insanely talented. She is Nashville’s first Youth Poet Laureate. Working with her this summer was nothing short of inspiring. Watching her create videos and talk to the shop owners, I would have never imagined that she wasn’t in college. THEN we found out that she could sing… She preformed at both Night Markets’ this summer and for good reason. She has an EP out called Orange and the title track is one of my favorites. It is kind of awesome to be friends with someone so talented and so confident. I look forward to seeing where Lagnajita takes her talents.

you do you, rach

A Ruffle and A Print

As a girl, getting dressed and picking out an outfit is one of the most time consuming tasks… Especially when you are going out downtown or on a date. It is usually when you are choosing what to wear that a clean room goes to a train wreck in a matter of minutes, or if you are anything like my roommates and myself the whole house becomes the dressing room and it is a lost cause.

Some of my favorite memories are getting ready with my girlfriends, especially when we all lived in the sorority dorm. Having that many options of clothing may of made things worse (or go missing) but trying on something totally wild or totally lame and getting laughs made living in a dorm a little better.

I am not a pants fan, so skirts are always my go to. If I could wear a skirt or dress every day for the rest of my life, I would. That’s why when I am getting ready for an evening out on the town or a hot date with a cute boy, my skirt stack is the first place I look. This outfit is one I never hesitate to throw on if I am in a rush and need to look sassy.


You can never go wrong with a patterned skirt and a solid shirt. If I looked at everything I have worn this summer this combination would top the list by like 1,000 outfits. It’s simple and a fun way to show personality.


I love canvas skirts. I have this one in two different prints and I am obsessed. I got this one at Blush in the Gulch last spring. I was searching for something for my 21st birthday and this was an option! I ended up not wearing this and changing 4 times that night, but that is a different story for a different time.


I just LOVE the detail in the pattern on this shirt! There is a small hint of red on the skirt, and red always makes me feel my most confident. This pair hits it out of the park.




The slit in the back and the ruffle make this shirt delicate and feminine, just the way I like it. It’s always fun to add a little bit of sexy in the back. It always a nice little surprise. Perfect for girls like me who don’t have a lot of cleavage.


The shirt is Alice & Olivia from UAL and it is one of my favorites. It looks great with a skirt or white jeans or really anything you want to pair it with.




kate_davis_godfrey_blog_7_9_15_0027Soft curls and some wedges complete the look. You’ll be ready for that date or a night on the town.


“There was preserved in her The fresh miracle of surprise”

Jim Morrison

Thank you Kate Davis Photography!

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Champagne is always a good idea. It is even better when it is in a mimosa! Better yet… a MANmosa! My gal pal Mari taught me how to make these and I LOVE THEM. They are so fun to drink and who doesn’t love a little bubbly?

To make them you need champagne, vodka, and orange juice!

Make your mimosa with however much OJ you like it and add a splash of vodka!

It’s like you’re at brunch the night before!

This outfit makes me feel confident and like I can take on the world. She Moves In Her Own Way by The Kooks does the same thing. Be yourself and people will love you. The Kooks are my new band on repeat right now. I listen to them every morning on my way to work and while I am at work. I love their old school vibe and the accents don’t hurt.

Check out Forgive & Forget too.

you do you, rach