A Ruffle and A Print

As a girl, getting dressed and picking out an outfit is one of the most time consuming tasks… Especially when you are going out downtown or on a date. It is usually when you are choosing what to wear that a clean room goes to a train wreck in a matter of minutes, or if you are anything like my roommates and myself the whole house becomes the dressing room and it is a lost cause.

Some of my favorite memories are getting ready with my girlfriends, especially when we all lived in the sorority dorm. Having that many options of clothing may of made things worse (or go missing) but trying on something totally wild or totally lame and getting laughs made living in a dorm a little better.

I am not a pants fan, so skirts are always my go to. If I could wear a skirt or dress every day for the rest of my life, I would. That’s why when I am getting ready for an evening out on the town or a hot date with a cute boy, my skirt stack is the first place I look. This outfit is one I never hesitate to throw on if I am in a rush and need to look sassy.


You can never go wrong with a patterned skirt and a solid shirt. If I looked at everything I have worn this summer this combination would top the list by like 1,000 outfits. It’s simple and a fun way to show personality.


I love canvas skirts. I have this one in two different prints and I am obsessed. I got this one at Blush in the Gulch last spring. I was searching for something for my 21st birthday and this was an option! I ended up not wearing this and changing 4 times that night, but that is a different story for a different time.


I just LOVE the detail in the pattern on this shirt! There is a small hint of red on the skirt, and red always makes me feel my most confident. This pair hits it out of the park.




The slit in the back and the ruffle make this shirt delicate and feminine, just the way I like it. It’s always fun to add a little bit of sexy in the back. It always a nice little surprise. Perfect for girls like me who don’t have a lot of cleavage.


The shirt is Alice & Olivia from UAL and it is one of my favorites. It looks great with a skirt or white jeans or really anything you want to pair it with.




kate_davis_godfrey_blog_7_9_15_0027Soft curls and some wedges complete the look. You’ll be ready for that date or a night on the town.


“There was preserved in her The fresh miracle of surprise”

Jim Morrison

Thank you Kate Davis Photography!

Want the outfit?: Similar Skirt (I’m in love)Similar Top (Perfect with that Skirt)|Wedges| Sunnies

Champagne is always a good idea. It is even better when it is in a mimosa! Better yet… a MANmosa! My gal pal Mari taught me how to make these and I LOVE THEM. They are so fun to drink and who doesn’t love a little bubbly?

To make them you need champagne, vodka, and orange juice!

Make your mimosa with however much OJ you like it and add a splash of vodka!

It’s like you’re at brunch the night before!

This outfit makes me feel confident and like I can take on the world. She Moves In Her Own Way by The Kooks does the same thing. Be yourself and people will love you. The Kooks are my new band on repeat right now. I listen to them every morning on my way to work and while I am at work. I love their old school vibe and the accents don’t hurt.

Check out Forgive & Forget too.

you do you, rach


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