On The Move

It’s been a while, but I have a valid excuse! I am moving back to school and have been insanely busy with packing and decor related tasks.

When running errands keeps you too busy to look cute, jean shorts come in handy. They are an easy way to look put together when you are on the go trying to collect yourself. My favorite pair is some J. Crew boyfriend jeans that I cut off myself. I have had these since high school and plan on never parting with them. We’re in a pretty serious relationship. kate_davis_godfrey_blog_7_9_15_0169I have a love affair with button downs… Especially if they are plaid. This one used to be my mom’s from the 90s which she so sweetly gave to me (read: I took out of her closet.) When you know that you have a lot going on, comfort and ease is number one!


kate_davis_godfrey_blog_7_9_15_0175Moving is so stressful, and I never ever want to do it. I am looking forward to a new year and a very fun year. I have road trips and concerts planned in between all the football the South has to offer. Starting a new school year is such an exciting time, especially when graduation is at the end. To be completely honest… My favorite part about a new school year is that I get to decorate a new room and house. The designer in me comes out in full swing and the ideas never stop.


These purple bad boys are my favorite! I got  them on super sale for $8 at UAL. I am not the biggest fan of sandals for some odd reason, so these with the open toes were a match made in loafer heaven.


Keeping my hair out of my face is always a struggle. I can’t stand when it is in the way, but I saw a couple of girls doing a half up half down top knot and had to try it. It is now my go to style when I just want my hair out-of-the-way.



Looking cute, comfortable, and staying cool is an uphill battle, but when you have some classics in your closet it will all be okay.

Photos provided by the lovely Kate Davis Photography

I am not going to post links to the outfit this time because these clothes have been around for a while, and I bet that most of you already have an outfit like this in your closet.

Expect a fun DIY next week as I get the finishing touches on my new home together!

The best way to cool down after a long day of moving is with an ice cold beer. I encourage you to try something new and summer-y because they are leaving the shelves way to soon! Samuel Adams Summer Ale has been one of my favorites this year, along with Stealin’ Time by Magic Hat!

Having upbeat music is crucial to keep you going on long days. A band that I saw at Hangout Music Festival this year was MisterWives, and y’all. They are fantastic. Her voice is so unique, and they just know how to make you want to groove. They are big believers in equality and even have songs about it which is pretty awesome. Enjoy “Our Own House” just like I will enjoy my new house starting Tuesday!

you do you, rach


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