Tickled Pink

It keeps getting hotter outside and I’ve realized you can’t just wear a swimsuit 24/7 (my swimsuit drawer would tell a different story, but…). As the temperature rises, so do the hemlines. My favorite way to stay cool during a warm summer day is to wear a breezy dress. The best part about this dress is that it can be worn during the day with sandals for a casual look… But if you just throw on a pair of wedges, you are ready to take on the town and spin and twirl your night away.

kate_davis_godfrey_blog_7_9_15_0019The way that this dress moves makes me wanna dance the night away to a live band while I sing along a little too loud and never stop laughing.kate_davis_godfrey_blog_7_9_15_0020


I was at my local Goodwill looking for jeans to make some cutoff shorts and wandered into the shoe section and found a BRAND NEW pair of Aldo wedges. After a deep clean of the sole, I knew these were the perfect match for such a fun dress.






Because the dress has so much color and detail, I kept the accessories simple. I paired it with a sterling silver bracelet that has “Rachel” engraved on it. It was a gift from a friend for my 15th birthday.


Photos from the always wonderful Kate Davis Photography

I got the dresses almost 6 years ago (and wore it for the first time this year) at UAL so it was impossible to find a link to a place to buy it now, but it is by French designer Dino e Lucia.

Good alternatives for you: Dress|Shoes|Sunnies

An outfit that inspires so much fun deserves a drink that is a good time. The colors make me think of one of the best drinks of all time. If you have ever been to The Masters, I hope you have had an azalea. This is my signature drink, and I even taught the owner at the college bar how to make it. Recipes are different when you look online, but the way that we make them is very simple and they look beautiful!

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 2.04.03 PM

  • Lemonade
  • Vodka
  • Grenadine
  • Orange slices

I am no expert at making drinks with the appropriate amount of alcohol. For azaleas, add the vodka, then the lemonade, and pour in the grenadine. Don’t pour too much grenadine because it can get gross real quick. Add ice and don’t stir! Drop in an orange slice and bottoms up! I bet you can’t have just one.

With this pink dress and pink drink, your day and night are sure to be a success. All you need is some local music to get your toes tappin’. The Apache Relay is one of my favorite local bands, and I’m just waiting on the day that I will get to see them. Check them out! You won’t regret it, I promise.

Katie Queen of Tennessee is one of their more popular songs and can be heard on Lightning 100 here in Nashville. If this song and video don’t make you want to move, I don’t know what to tell ya! It is a catchy song and a good choice to dance around to even if it’s just while you are getting ready in the morning.

you do you, rach


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